Dos and Don’ts for Feeding Solid Food a Starting Baby


Dos and Don’ts for Feeding Solid Food a Starting Baby:

So, you are also one of the lucky moms, who will be now going to introduce the solid food to their baby? Well congratulations and it is indeed good news too. However, along with good news there are also certain things which need to take care while introducing with solid food to them.

It is not easy for any child to switch between the liquid food and solid food. When they are on liquid food like breast feed or bottle feed, then in those cases, they can easily digest the same, however, when you introduce solid food to them, it is hard for them to digest, and may result into constipation.

However, do not scared, because today or tomorrow, they will need to be introduce with the solid food, because they are growing rapidly, and breast fee or bottle milk may not be sufficient for them to take, as they need more food which can be available from the solid foods. 

Different Types of Food:

There are different types of food which you can introduce to your baby; you can start with beans or lentils, dairy products, green vegetables, fruits, potatoes etc. But try to give them in form of liquid, do not give in form of solid otherwise they will not able to take it.

Rather than giving them with white rice cereals, it is necessary that you introduce the avocado which is rich in healthy fat, banana, orange rich in vitamins C, sweet potato rich in fat and carbohydrate. Green vegetables rich in the iron, fibre, phosphorous etc, however, utmost care is to be taken while introducing such food to them there are certain Do’s and Don’ts which are associated with the same.

Healthy and Solid Food for Baby:

Firstly, do not try to feed them, if they do not like. Do not try to force them to eat certain foods, if they are not entertaining, as this will waste the food, as well as they may throw out of their mouth at any point. Moreover, it may leads to vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation in them. Give them food slowly, in less quantity, do not over feed them, try to give small portion of spoon, let them see, handle and taste the food, let them make choice and then feed them.

Introduce solid foods at regular interval of time; means if today you introduce one food, then wait until they get comfortable with that. In between if you feel they are not comfortable then stop giving them that solid food. Other thing is after giving one solid food, give another after some days, so they will understand the taste and different types of solid food which is to be feed by you.

Moreover, while giving the solid food, you should also opt for giving them in form of mash or squeezing them to liquid, or add some breast or bottle feed milk or yogurt in that and then provide them as this will help them to eat easily and also digest it. You should always wait for their sign, they will ask for the food from themselves, they will recognize you while you are eating, will try to grab those food too. However, you should prepare a schedule and based on that, you should provide them with those solid foods.

Feeding Solid Food to Baby:

It is also good if you eat food together, so everyone the same table and the little one on the high chair, who is looking after all those who are eating, this will help them to understand, what all other people are doing, it will also help you to feed them with all of them sitting on same chair. However, if they are done, then stop do not feed more.

Moreover, try to make different types of food, mixing them together making them more taste for a baby to enjoy the food. As if they are given same type of food, then they may get bored and do not eat the same. Furthermore, it would be good if you wait for a week to introduce new food to them. If they are giving up, stop providing that food, try using other food. But do not get scared of it, as your baby will experience that food for first time, so it is good to introduce them with food which they will like more.


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