The Right Food for Third Month Baby


The Right Food for Third Month Baby:

Do you know, what is the right food for the three months old baby? Yo Ho! So your little buddy is now 3 month old, utmost care you took while your baby was 2 month old, in terms of feeding the baby and providing him or her with breast milk for increasing baby’s immunity power.

During 3 month old, you will still need to give baby with breastfeeding only, it is said that the nutrient which baby can get from the breast milk, is the pure nutrient and that nutrient a baby could not find from any other food supplements.

Nutrition for Baby:

However, in case breastfeeding is not available then in order to provide proper nutrition, it is needed to provide baby with outside food supplement. However, utmost care should be taken care while providing the outside food. Sometime it happen that baby may result into some allergic symptoms due to outside food, so before providing any food, you should take suggestion from your paediatrician and then only provide that food to the baby.

It is said that try to provide baby with food supplements, if you feel any changes like in bowel movement or baby throwing out the food or any other symptoms then stop at that point. Food supplements could be good option, but soft food should be given to babies, because during these months, their digestive system is week.

So if you try to give hard foods like cereals or other food, it may result in digestive problem, which in turn can result in constipation babies. 

Feeding Schedules or Pattern should be Implemented:

At 3 month, you should prepare a schedule or pattern for feeding your baby, because there are various pros and cons associated, like if given more breast milk that can also result in to problem, if you give less then also it will result into some other problems.

So try to balance the breast milk intact for your baby for which it is necessary to give breast milk at proper schedule. Try to provide breastfeeding milk at every 2 – 4 hours. The most important symptom, to know that your baby need food is they will cry, which is the best symptoms, to know that your baby is hungry and you will need to provide food.

Breastfeeding for Baby:

Moreover, other factors are the growth of baby, if the growth of baby is good enough, then baby will demand for more breast milk in such cases, if breast milk is not sufficient, then you can also divert to bottle feed milk.

However, care should be taken while selecting such milk, along with selecting type of milk, the amount is also necessary to be taken care during such stages. You can opt for giving 6 to 7 ounces of breast milk or formula milk during this stage. However, you should limit this by 32 ounces per 24 hours a day. 

Try to make schedule before only, as this will help you out also, for getting some time from caring your baby. Otherwise you will feel much hectic and frustrated, if you baby schedule is not proper. So scheduling and most importantly implementing that are very important during this stage. You can schedule as below:

7:00 AM – Baby wake up, diaper change, playing time

8:00 AM – Feed baby

8:30 AM – Baby nap time

9:00 AM – If baby wake up, feed him or her

11:00 AM – Feed and make your baby to sleep

1:00 PM – Again baby may wake up, feed baby

2:00 PM – Nap

2:30 or 3:00 PM – Baby wake up, feed baby and provide time to play

5:30 PM – Feed again

7:00 PM – Plan to take your baby out, play time, feed time

9:00 PM – Change cloth of your baby, make her or him feel fresh, bedtime, feed before bed

10:30 PM – Fill up feed every 2 – 4 hours after this

If you are opting for formula feeding, then you should keep gap of about 4 hours and also provide more time to baby to sleep and play. As formula feed may be hard to digest, so baby will need time to digest the first intake and then taking the other intake after that.

So, summarizing, breast milk will be the best ingredient for the baby at the age of 3 month as there are many pros and cons associated with any other type of food supplements which may also hinder the baby’s growth.


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