What are the Surprising Benefits of Apricot?


What are the Surprising Benefits of Apricot?

Do your want to know the surprising benefits of Apricot? This golden-orange fruit can be consumed in both fresh and dried form. Apricot tastes sweet and carries a very good fragrance. This golden fruit is originated in Asia and carried to Europe and further west by Greeks. The Greeks named this fruit as ‘Golden Eggs of the Sun’. Apricots are related to fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines. The tasty fruit in its dried form is sometimes mixed with nuts and other dried fruits.

Apricot grows in a medium sized deciduous tree, which normally grows up in the mountain slope. These fruits are normally used in making jams, pastries, marmalade etc. Apricot is also used in making brandy and liqueur. Now let’s check out a few nutrition facts about these apricots,

Nutrient Facts of Apricot:

The fresh apricots contain the Vitamin A. Almost 13% of daily need of Vitamin A can be fulfilled by one apricot. It is also a good source of Vitamin C. It deals with problems with visions, skin and muscle problems; ensure protection against lungs and mouth cancer. Apricots are full of essential minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and manganese etc.

Apart from these, apricot is excellent source of plant antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin. The Flavonoids such as lutein and beta cryptoxanthins helps to keep diabetes in check. 

The Health Benefits of Apricot:

  • As said earlier, the apricots are rich in anti-oxidants. Those anti-oxidants help out body functions to stay normal. Those antioxidants help to eliminate the harmful Toxins from the human body. The toxins in the human body can harm the digestive track. The fruits like Apricots provide the body enough anti-oxidants which help in reducing these harmful Toxins from the body.
  • The Vitamin A of Apricots sometimes acts as the anti-oxidants. It is useful in the growth of tissues of the human body and improving the immunity system.
  • Apricots have a great amount of soluble fiber. This fiber keeps the digestive track clear. This fruit also helps to keep away the gastrointestinal problems like Constipation.
  • These soluble fibers of Apricot also help in reducing the bad Cholesterol. Thus, you can keep away from the cardiovascular diseases. On the other way, it helps in providing more HDL or good Cholesterol. As a result, the health of the heart remains healthy.
  • Apricot also provides a good number of non-heme iron on the human body. This iron get absorbs in the body slowly and helps in curing the Anaemia.
  • While the anti-oxidants of Apricots keep the body Toxin-free and also prevents the growth of Cancerous cells inside the body.

Beauty (Skin and Eyes) Benefits of Apricot:

  • The juice of dried apricot can be an excellent treatment for sunburn, eczema and scabies etc. The dried apricot pack is also used for ex-foliating the skin.
  • Apricot oil is used for getting a healthy skin. It is also remedied for sore ears.
  • Regular consumption of Apricot helps to solve the eye problems like Macular Degeneration. The Vitamin A and Beta Carotene of Apricot help in solving various eye problems which can result in losing the eyesight.

The season of Apricot growth is mainly May till September. It can be consumed as a part of salads or creating jams. The dried apricot can also be a part of your daily dose of dry fruits.    


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