What are the Surprising Benefits of Green Beans?


What are the Surprising Benefits of Green Beans?

Do you want to know the surprising benefits of Green Beans? The green beans are the common member of the beans family. It is also called the French bean or snap bean. Along with their nutritional properties, the green beans are also very famous for their awesome tastes.

It is the part of all types of cuisines around the world; it also earns a reputation of being a versatile vegetable. The plant of green beans is cultivated in different climates. The green beans can grow into vines as ‘Pole Vines’ and into the ‘Bush Vine’. The green beans are famous for their nutritional properties. 

Let’s discuss some of these properties for which you will be sure to get tempted to include these in your diet:

Nutrition Facts of Green Beans (Benefits of Green Beans):

The green beans contain no saturated fats. As a result, one can think of eating lots of green beans without a fear of putting on extra weight. The green beans are the excellent source of dietary fiber, which is famous for keeping the blood Cholesterol in check.

The green beans are the most famous source of Vitamin A. The flavonoids which promote health, like lutein, zea-xanthin and AY-carotene are present in green beans in a good amount. The anti-oxidant Zea-xanthin helps in protecting the eyes from the harmful UV Ray. It also helps in preventing age-related macular disease (ARMD), which is very common among the elderly people.

Apart from Vitamin A, green beans also carry a good amount of vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B-1 (thiamin), and vitamin-C.  Other than that, green beans are the excellent source of Folate.

Along with Vitamins, the Green Beans are the excellent source of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium etc. These minerals together boost the immunity system.

Health Benefits of Green Beans:

  • Green beans contain small amount of Vitamin K. It prevents blood clotting and healing of wounds, similarly, it also keeps your bones healthy.
  • The Folates of green beans are useful for cell division and DNA Synthesis. The Folate is also good for the women in pregnancy.
  • The green beans are an excellent source of vitamins like Niacin and Thiamine, which prevents the infections.
  • The green beans are an excellent source of Potassium; it helps in cell development and production. Potassium also helps in controlling blood pressure and other heart problems.
  • Eating green beans regularly reduces the chance of various cancers, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, renal, colon and gastric cancer. The anti-oxidant properties of green beans are the key to preventing the cancers.
  • The green beans are famous for their anti-ageing properties. The antioxidants of green beans prevent the growth of harmful free radicals. As a result, you look fresher and younger.

Beauty (Skin and Hair) Benefits of  Green Beans:

  • The zinc, biotin and anti-oxidant contents of green beans take care of your beauty.
  • The Iron, zinc and biotin takes care of your scalp and initiates the growth of the hair.
  • Green beans contain Carotenoids, which helps in reducing the stress from the eyes. The Vitamin A content of the green beans improves the vision and prevents the age-related macular degeneration.

The green beans may contain an element named oxalic acid which can create kidney stone in urinary track. The people more prone to this problem are thus advised to intake lots of water alongside the green beans to balance the diet.


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