What are the Surprising Benefits of Olive?


What are the Surprising Benefits of Olive?

Do you want to know the surprising benefits of Olive? In the ancient era, the Greeks used to believe that growing Olive will bring peace and prosperity among the nations. Till today, these oval shaped fruits are one of the ways of life especially for the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The origin of Olives can be traced in the same region.

The slow growing Olive trees normally grow in Frost free, well-drained and essentially dry soils.  The trees normally start giving fruits after becoming 3-4 years of age and they possess lifeline of more than 500 years.

The Olive can be described as a stone fruit with a single seed. Normally the color of raw olive is green but it turns yellow as they ripen. Olives can be plucked in different stages according to their use. Like the raw olives are eaten as table fruits while the ripe olives mostly need in making olive oil.

Nutrition Facts of the Olive:

Olive contains fats like Oleic Acid, which is actually Mono-unsaturated Fatty acid. This Oleic acid is the main component of the Olive oil. This Oleic acid is linked with many health benefits, from reducing heart disease to preventing cancer.

Olives consist low carb and high dietary fiber. The Vitamins and Minerals that the olives are normally enriched with are:

  • Vitamin E, which is a powerful Lipid Soluble anti-oxidant. It helps in protecting cell membrane of skin. Some amount of B-complex vitamins such as niacin, choline, and pantothenic acid are present in the olives.
  • Iron, which helps in supplying oxygen to red blood cells. Copper, which helps in preventing the heart diseases. Lastly, Calcium, which is essential for nerve, bone and muscle functions.
  • Apart from there, olives are also enriched in plant compounds, which act as the powerful anti-oxidants. Some of these plant compounds are oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleanolic acid and quercetin.

As the olives are normally tasted bitter, so they cannot be taken raw. So, they have to be cured and fermented before they are served to us. The method of processing can differ from country to country, according to their taste and manner of eating.

The Health Benefits of Olive:

In many countries, especially around Mediterranean, Olives are the staple foods. They are often taken raw with the drinks, especially with the wine. In the breakfast or along with the Salads, the presence of olives is often notified.  The main health benefits of eating olives are:

  • The presence of various antioxidants prevents the chronic diseases like heart problem and cancer. Overall, the olives are good at preventing the oxidative damage inside the body and also help to fight the bacteria which can cause infections.
  • Olives help in regulating Cholesterol. They also help in keeping the blood pressure in check.
  • The Calcium enriched olives helps in maintain bone and muscle health. It reduces the risk of bone damage and osteoporosis.
  • The oleic acid of olives helps in reducing the cancer cells in breast, colon, and stomach.
  • The tyrosol phenolic compounds such as oleuropein and oleocanthal are present in olives. These compounds help in fighting the nerve problems, artery diseases, and diabetes.

So, whether keep the olives for drinking with the wines or garnish your pizza with them, your health is surely going to get benefited from your habit of eating olives.


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