What are the Surprising Benefits of Orange?


What are the Surprising Benefits of Orange?

Do your want to know the surprising benefits of Orange? The juicy, pulpy oranges are one of the most famous fruits of the world. This citrus food is mostly a winter-time fruit, although nowadays it is available throughout the year. Apart from being a delicious fruit, it is healthy too. Though this can technically taste sweet, it contains very little fat.

The orange juice is one of the tastiest yet the healthiest food of all time. Though another very important fact is, an orange is most likely to lose its fiber content while transformed into the juice. It is most likely to get added to the calories while transformed into juice, as we are most likely to add sugar in the juice.

The bottled juice is also added with preservatives, for which the nutrients value of the oranges decreases. Yet, a glass of orange juice is essential during breakfast for most of us. The nutrient facts and benefits of orange are:

Nutrient Facts of Orange:

An orange is a Vitamin Goldmine, especially the Vitamin C. it can be said that oranges are most famous for their Vitamin C content along with pigment beta-cryptoxanthin. Together they can act as essential anti-oxidants.   This essential antioxidant helps in preventing joint diseases.

Orange contents an essential element named phytonutrient compounds, like the citrus flavanones, anthocyanins, hydroxycinnamic acids, and a variety of polyphenols. Together with Vitamin C, they have a unique quality of healing of the wounds.

Health Benefits of Orange:

  • The citrus limonoids of the oranges are famous for prevention of various kinds of cancers. The cancer of skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon can be prevented by the oranges.
  • The orange juice is excellent to prevent the kidney problems especially the kidney stones if consumed regularly. The Vitamin C of the oranges protects the cells from neutralizing free radicals. As the results, the risk of deadly diseases like cancer and heart problem lowers.
  • The poly-phenols of oranges help in preventing viral infections.
  • The Vitamin A compound like the carotenoids of the oranges helps in preventing the risk of liver cancer.
  • Oranges are full of soluble fibers, which help in keeping Cholesterol in check.
  • The oranges have Potassium content; it helps in keeping the heart healthy. The heart disease like arrhythmia, the irregular rhythm of the heartbeat, is caused by the deficiency of Potassium. The element named flavonoid hesperidin, presented in the oranges regulates in maintaining blood pressure.

Beauty Benefits of Orange:

  • The oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Along with the fruit; the orange peels are also great for your skin. Regular consumption of oranges provides you a healthier and glowing skin. The oranges also contain the anti-aging properties. A fresh orange or a glass of freshly squashed orange juice in your breakfast will make you look young, fresh and beautiful.
  • The orange peel also contains Vitamin C. The application of the paste of Orange Peel can remove the Dark Spots and blemishes from your skin. A face pack made with orange peel can also remove blackheads, acts like a toner and refresh the dull skin.

A fresh orange is always better than canned juice. Try to consume the orange as natural as possible to get benefited from all these qualities and benefits of orange. 


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