What Exercises are Safe in the First Trimester?


What Exercises are Safe in the First Trimester?

Are you in First Trimester?, then Exercises are very important and safe. The pregnancy is a dynamic period, when your body goes through a lot of changes externally and also on the hormones that control your bodily functions and emotions. But when it comes to exercises, there are many of the routine exercises that you should completely avoid.

And indeed there are many exercises that needs to be put in the daily routine. Many of these exercises are basically the stretching exercises which does not take much of the carbs to burn, instead focus on the regular exercises that aid the movement of your muscles and joints. This indeed helps in a complete normal and easy health in the baby and the mother alike.

During pregnancy it is very important to maintain fitness and good health to keep your baby healthy. There are certain exercises every pregnant lady should follow as it helps in regulating body metabolism, regulate weight gain and also helps you to get a proper sleep. It is advised not to perform any kind of rigorous exercise and all exercises should be performed under proper guidance.

Here are Some kinds of Exercise which are Safe during First Trimester:


It is one of the most revered forms of exercise which helps in dealing with pregnancy in a better way. It helps in maintaining proper balance, posture and helps in developing strength. It also protects one from osteoporosis. Yoga should not include rigorous asana and should including simple exercise for a session of 30 minutes.


It is very important to keep our body moving so that it doesn’t develop cramps. A slow and easy walk is recommended which helps in building strength with proper blood circulation. Do not exceed your walk for more than 30 minutes and try not to exert yourself.


It will help in reducing the lower back ache during pregnancy and also help in maintaining proper body balance. The extensive pilates is a big no because your focus here is not weight lose but pregnancy strength. Start with prenatal pilates and do it once a week.


It is not advised at all to perform any weights training without any proper guidance. It includes lifting of free weights which are light which helps in developing strength and stamina building. It should be limited and any weight lifting should not exert you.


It is very good to exercise through swimming because they are low impact and water exercises helps in building core strength. It can be performed for 30 minutes thrice a week but should be strictly performed under expert guidance.

Exercise can be of great help during pregnancy but it should be done under proper guidance. If there is feeling of discomfort like heavy dehydration, discharge through vagina and any other it should be stopped immediately.


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