What is Health Hack?


What is Health Hack?

Beauty Hacks – these are little things you do to make your life easier. It would be easier if people were not spitting hacks at you from every nook and corner, telling you to do this and mix that. But what is it that really works?

Health Hack

Every time we see an advertisement on different Social Media Sites, saying “This wonderful tip makes your hair twice as long and three times as voluminous”, but don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Having said that, some sound pretty legitimate and of course many have tried them and have been trying them for a while now, so it is the time for us to report back.

Reverse Washing:

This was all the rage last years, when several beauty magazines around the globe mentioned it. Simply put, you wash your hair in reverse conditioner first and shampoo afterwards. The logic being, since conditioner is supposed to protect your hair, it prevents even the shampoo from stripping the ends of its moisture, while still giving you the volume that you get with just a shampoo. This method is followed by a lot of people with Afro-Caribbean hair and let us tell you, it actually works.

Health Hack

We are not sure if we can comment on how much the conditioner “Protects” our hair, but if you have fine, wavy hair like most of the people have, then this is going to prevent the conditioner weighing it down and give you that bouncy volume that you only really see in shampoo commercials. Most of the people are doing this since years and made it a regular practice. Just take a break and make a trial for two months. Most of them tried and it really worked and they are happily continuing the same.


For some reason, there are people who seem to spread this rumour about oil being bad for your skin and clogging pores and what not… a lot of that is based on zero facts. As much as we disprove of you slathering random oil on your face, we must say some oils are really goof for various things.

Vitamin-E oil is brilliant for the skin, it moisturizes and keep your skin soft and healthy. If you have hyper-pigmentation or acne scarring, Vitamin-C oil does wonder to lighten them. Olive oil and coconut oil are the absolute favourites for hair, while Argan oil is probably the best leave-in conditioner you can find.

Health Hack

Heck, The Body Shop’s Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil is the all-time favourite make-up remover. There is not a person we have met, who has not loved it. You also have bottled oils like the one from Clarins that is great for any type of skin and is brilliant for night-time treatments.

So, have a play around with oils, you never know what might work for you, oily skin or otherwise.

Those Natural Masks:

Ever since the flood of skincare brands in the marker, a lot of people have forgotten that the natural masks still work. For frizzy hair, try avocado and olive oil or coconut oil. Add a banana in there and it makes it a hair growth mask as well. Besan (gram flour), honey and milk is still a go-to for radiant skin, while a combination of berries mixed with olive oil can work wonders with stressed skin.

Health Hack

Similarly, as much as we are all about the AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acid), when it comes to toners and facials creams, rose water hydrates, refreshes and keeps your skin fresh. Not to mention it smells amazing.

A little different from your bi-monthly dose of eye shadows and contour, but finding a little beauty and skincare routine incorporating both natural and chemical-based products can really make a difference to your skin and hair. Give it a shot.

-Source: THE HINDU (News Paper)


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