What is Healthy Living?


What is Healthy Living?

Healthy living is a way of lifestyle that lowers the risk of being ill and increases the overall life expectancy. This is true that not all diseases are preventable by a healthy living, but this is also true that most of the diseases that we face today especially in urban area can be prevented by healthy living. A healthy way of living can protect from some of the serious disease including coronary heart disease, lung cancer, etc.

Further, healthy living not only prevents from the diseases, but it provides mental and social well-being as well. Your healthy way of living also motivates your children, your family members, and many other people in your society. Likewise, you alone can change the behaviours of many and help them also to live healthy.

Healthy Living

Importance of Healthy Living:

Following are the major importance of healthy living:

  • It helps you to understand what are the challenges of healthy living
  • It helps you to understand how to overcome those challenges
  • It helps you to understand how and why to prioritizing health and wellness
  • It helps you to identify your views about your healthy living and importance of wellness
  • It helps you to understand the difference between a healthy way of living or a unhealthy way of living

How is Healthy Eating Linked with Healthy Living?

Unhealthy eating is a critical risk that significantly affects the health of all aged people. On the other hand, healthy eating, which gives optimum nutrition to your body is essential for the healthy living. Healthy eating helps achieving and maintaining a balanced body weight, and provides protection against many diseases including chronic disease, heart disease, etc. and prevents from premature mortality.

Healthy Living

Healthy eating linked with healthy living by means of:

  • Healthy eating along with physical activity protects from chronic diseases and keeps you healthy
  • It maintains your body weight that ultimately helps you to live healthy
  • It provides a balanced nutrition to your brain that keeps stress and tension away
  • It improves women’s health especially during their pregnancy; during pregnancy, healthy eating minimizes adverse impacts for both the mother and the child
  • It helps children to grow faster and be intelligent
  • It keeps working professionals stress free and increases their efficiency
  • It gives strength to old aged people to fight with the circumstances including health problems and other mental stress

So, healthy eating is inherently associated with healthy living. Without healthy eating, healthy living is not possible at all. So, take care of your food seriously.

What is Healthy Living?

Tips for Healthy Living:

To live healthy, it is imperative to set a goal of healthy living. But the question is:

  • What is healthy living goal? Healthy living goal is a futuristic idea about the disease free and fully functional healthy body that everyone wish to have.
  • But now the question is, How to achieve it? Of course, this not a simple task, but your hard determination and consistent effort, I bet, it will definitely become very easy task.

Primarily, start with your wish i.e.

  • What do you want?
  • How do you want to look like in near future?

Imagine you became very fatty; your tummy is bulged like a big football; such kind of thinking will motivate you to start healthy living.

Once you set your goal of healthy living, stick with it and follow the following points:

  • Set a Routine: Set a routine for your every activity including eating time, types and amount of food that you need to take every day, sleeping time, wake up time, exercise time, work time, etc.
  • Be Active: Routinely do physical exercise; usually on the time at which you can do every day (morning time is the best time). Your exercise could be anything such as walking, jogging, physical exercise, skipping, swimming, playing sports (tennis, badminton, football, etc.), yoga, etc.
  • Eat Healthy: Eating on time is not enough, you have to ensure that you are eating healthy as well, which means, you are eating nutritious food as required by your body (based upon your age, weight, and amount of work out that you do every day – if do more physical exercise, eat more).
  • Increase your involvement in social activity: Share more time with your family members and also frequently make your presence in societal activities.

Healthy Living

  • Sleep on Time: Sleep on time and try to have a sound sleep. A good sleep is necessary for the body.
  • Wake up Early: Fresh air of early morning is very good, so wake up early to have a fresh air for your body.
  • Manage your Time: Time management is the most important aspects of life; secondly, it is such kind of thing that varies person to person. Therefore, learn the technique – how to manage your time. The best help is – make a routine of your everyday activities; likewise, you can analyze your time and works i.e. where you are spending more time and actually where you need to spend more time.
  • Reduce your Stress: If you have any sort of stress, get it treated immediately. Do not ignore it because day-by day it will increase.
  • Get a Check up: Make a habit of regular check-up of your body. It is not necessary that you check up your body only when you have some problems rather a routine body check-up is very good for your health. It will help you to maintain healthy living.
  • Avoid Drugs, Alcohol, & Smoking: Try your best to keep yourself far from drugs, alcohol, and smoking things.

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