What is Natural Health?


What is Natural Health?

Well, before explaining the meaning of this term, I would like you to read the following quotes and I challenge that it will suggest you the natural way of living:

God has formed laws to govern every part of our constitutions, and these laws which He has placed in our being are divine and for every transgression there is a fixed penalty, which sooner or later must be realized.”

-Healthful Living, 20

Our first duty, one which we owe to God, to ourselves, and to our fellow men, is to obey the laws of God, which include the laws of health.”

-Testimonies for the Church 3:164

“Health is a great treasure. It is the richest possession that mortals can have. Wealth, honor, or learning is dearly purchased, if it be at the loss of the vigor of health. None of these attainments can secure happiness if health is wanting.”

-Christian Education, 35

The fundamental principle behind the ‘natural health’ is – ‘living without drugs.’ It is possible only when you avoid artificial living. Normally, the diseases are the abnormal condition in your body, which results because you violated the natural laws (as said in the above quote). Your own mistake (knowingly or unknowingly) gives you health problems.

Will you believe it? Your faulty routine and negligent eating habit lower down your vitality, increase the irregularities of your blood and lymph system; on top of this, accumulate waste and toxic materials in your body. Likewise, because of your faulty routine and diet, you suffer the problems of bowels, skin, kidneys, lungs, and many others. Besides, it also affects your mental health.

So, stick with us, you will definitely learn how to keep yourself healthy naturally.

Natural Health:

Natural health simply means, taking care of your health/body yourself without taking external support of any sort. Natural health is thousands years old practice or better to say started with the beginning of life itself. It is reasonable, economic, and respectable way of living healthy and happy.

What is Natural Health

However, natural health is a comprehensive term; it includes everything related to your health. Starting from your everyday lifestyle to major diseases, it includes everything. I mean, it even cures major diseases without using any modern medicine. However, the basic concept behind the natural health is eating natural foods, practicing physical exercise, and stress free life.

What is Natural Health                       Natural Foods                               Practicing Physical Exercise                 Stress Free Life

This Natural Health page provides you detailed and descriptive information about the following:

Principles of Natural Health Care:

Natural health care works on following three principles:

First Principle: It is believed that most of the diseases are caused by accumulations of waste and toxic materials in your body and these waste and toxic materials abrupt the natural functionality of your body including metabolic activity. If it is not cured on time, it can even take life.

What is Natural Health

Second Principle: It says – all the acute diseases including colds, inflammations, fever, metabolic problems, constipation’s, skin problems are the result of self negligence and ignorance. Normally, people do not take care of their food – eat anything anytime and live highly sedentary life.

 What is Natural Health

However, when they suffer from these diseases, they take expensive and powerful drugs, which for the time being suppress the diseases, but in long run causes another sever health problems such as diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, heart disease, kidney problem and many more.

Third Principle: Probably, you don’t know our body have very efficient immune system and have capability to fight with many diseases and cure the health problem without any external help. I mean, your body has the natural ability to fight and cure your health problem without any medicine.

 What is Natural Health

However, excessive use of medicine and other means of treatments, damage the immune system and your body is no more able to fight with even simple diseases naturally.

Natural Health Cure Vs. Modern Health Care:

As all of us know, the modern system of treatment i.e. using medicinal pills, injections, etc. rather identifying and curing the root cause treats the symptoms and suppresses the disease. The positive aspect of Modern health care system is – you get instant relief, but in long run, it is not beneficial.

 What is Natural Health

In addition, these highly powerful medicines are sometimes very much harmful and potential enough to cause some other severe health problems; sometimes, which is not curable by any means. Furthermore, these modern drugs not only have side effects, but they also affect your immune system i.e. naturally healing ability badly.

As experts say, drugs cannot cure diseases rather diseases continue. However, the patterns of diseases get changed. Further, drugs also affect your dietary deficiencies by destroying nutrients and restrain their absorption. Above all, the modern health care system treats each disease as separate entity and gives medicine accordingly, which further affect your health.

 What is Natural Health

Therefore, it is only the natural health care that treats your all bodily problems as a whole/collectively and provides integrated treatment without compromising with your body’s natural immune system.

And, this is the reason that people suggest you about the natural health and natural health care system.

Importance of Natural Health:

Keeping yourself healthy without using any external supplement is the biggest importance of natural health; however, following are the major importance:

  • No need to buy expensive medicine
  • No need to buy expensive junk food
  • No need to bear expensive medical expenses
  • No need to bear pain of modern style diseases
  • Simply Healthy and Happy life

What is Natural Health

How to keep disease free NATURALLY?

Following are some of the effective tips, which practice will keep you healthy:

  • Exercise protects from many disease including some of the cancers as well
  • Use of tomatoes protects from heart attacks
  • Apple is highly beneficial that protects your body from many problems
  • Use of eggs protects from many diseases
  • Spinach keeps you slim
  • Mushrooms and pomegranate protect from cancer and make you look younger
  • Curry protects from Alzheimer’s
  • Ginger avoids and protects from nausea and it also regulate blood flow
  • Garlic lowers down the cancer risk
  • Cinnamon lowers your blood sugar

What is Natural Health

Following are the REASONS of Modern Life Style Diseases:

  • Excessive use of social media
  • Excessive use of WINE
  • Deodorant
  • Chips
  • Sausages and burgers
  • Hair dye
  • Mouthwash
  • Sun cream
  • Tooth whitener
  • Talcum powder
  • Moisturizers
  • X-rays
  • Oral sex
  • Red meat
  • Mobile phones

If possible, avoid using them.


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