What is Nutrition?


What is Nutrition?

This is very true, in today’s busy life, people don’t have time even to take care their healthy diet adequately, but it is more than true that without sufficient nutrition the human body cannot function optimally. Not only this, the severe nutritional inadequacy can lead to disease and even death.

So, the nutrition is somewhat a process of providing or obtaining the healthy food necessary for health and growth.

What is Nutrition?

Remember, our all abilities to do any sort of work starting from the wake up, healthy thinking, dreaming, communicating, reading, playing, understanding, working, earning money, watching movie to breathing are dependent on health; and, interestingly, our health is solely dependent on the nutrition that we take through food and drink. Healthy nutrition will help you by reducing the risk of some chronic diseases, weakness, have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, and reach and maintain a healthy body weight. And, all it is possible, only when you start healthy eating and maintaining it as your habit.

Healthy Eating (Nutrition):

The foods we eat contain nutrients. Since, human body cannot synthesize food/nutrition itself, therefore, nutrients must be obtained from the healthy diet. The basic functions of nutrients are to produce energy required for the daily activities, respire, and also help to detect and respond to the environmental surroundings.

The following 6 nutrients are essentially required for the body to perform the basic functions:

What is Nutrition?

Besides, following are the some micro-nutrients, which also play major role in keeping human body healthy:

What is Nutrition?

What is Nutritional Balance?

Taking a balanced diet that supplies various types of foods in proportion to one another, essentially required to maintain the nutritional balance.  I mean, maintaining the level of body nutrients with the help of healthy food is nutritional balance.

How to Achieve Nutritional Balance?

As described by ‘lard-bucket,’ the following five factors help to achieve and maintain nutritional balance:

  • Balanced Diet: A balanced diet means, when you do not consume one nutrient at the expense of another, but rather take accurate amounts of all nutrients.
  • Adequate Diet: It means your diet must be adequate; that is possible only when you take sufficient amounts of each essential nutrient along with the fiber and calories.

What is Nutrition?

  • Food Variety: It means you are essentially required to eat different foods from each of the food groups on a regular basis.
  • Calorie Control:  It is necessary to maintain the energy balance through the calorie control; so that you equally consume the amount of energy (the amount of energy you get from the different nutrients), you expend during your day’s activities.
  • Moderation: It means, not eating to the extremes i.e., neither too much nor too little.

Source of Nutrients:

The following table gives the details of the source of major nutrients:

What is Nutrition?

What is Nutrition?

Importance of Nutrition:

Nutrition is very important for anyone’s life, as it provides energy to maintain the healthy life. Nutrients provide our bodies energy in the form of protein, vitamins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, and other micro-nutrients. So, we need whole range of nutrients to maintain our good health.

What is Nutrition?

Benefits of Nutrition:

There are comprehensive ranges of benefits of healthy nutrition that promote growth of body and mind in children and maintain good health in adults. However, following are the major benefits of nutrition:

  • Prevents from many diseases including chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Maintains and regulate body energy.
  • Maintains healthy and balanced body weight.
  • Keeps mind healthy and stress free and increases the memory power.
  • Maintains overall physical fitness that keeps you happy.

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