What is the Right Solid Food for your Baby during Fourth Month?


What is the Right Solid Food for your Baby during Fourth Month?

Can I feed my Baby, Solid Food during Fourth Month? Wow! Your small baby is now gradually developing and getting bigger, congratulations new month new food chart as well as new schedule and other exercise related to their development too.

Up to 3 month, it is necessary that you keep your baby on breast milk or formula milk, as up to 3 month usually there digestive system is not too good in order to withstand the solid food, if you introduce early then it could be harmful to your baby for digesting such food, resulting into the constipation or any other problems related to their digestion or bowel movement.

Hence, it is good that you start giving solid food after that. Usually solid food can be introduced to your baby any time from 4 to 6 month, you can introduce the same when baby turns to 4, but need to be cautious during this time and keep watch on how the babies are reacting, if everything goes well then you can provide them with the same, otherwise if there is a slight change, then you should stop giving them such solid food during that time.

Signs to know that your Baby is ready to take Solid Food:

Signs will be crystal clear, to know that your baby is now ready to move from liquid food to solid food. Signs which you should watch for are:

  • Holding their head properly, when you see that your baby is able to hold their head by their own in upright position
  • Look that, is your baby sit well when supported
  • Chewing motion’s should be good enough, which means that they can start taking their food at back of his mouth and swallow the same. Swallow could be sign for any baby to know that now baby could start solid food
  • During 4th month, babies weight will double then what it was when they born, so it essential that they should be start giving solid food, as breast milk or other milk may not be sufficient for them
  • Growing appetite: They will feel more hungry then before, which could be the best sign to know that breast milk or formula milk are now not sufficient to give them when they are hungry, they need something else for their hunger
  • Their curiosity to watch you when you taking any food, can also be a sign to start the solid food now

How to Start Introducing Solid Food?

From last 3 month, your baby must be on the liquid, due to which there digestive system is not hard enough to swallow or digest the hard food. Hence, utmost care is to be taken care, while you introduce solid food in them. It is necessary that whenever you provide them with solid food, it must be crushed and convert to liquid and then provide them with the same.

The reason behind this is, by crushing food, they will able to swallow it, and it will get digest without any problem. Moreover, at a time select only one grain cereal, do not start giving everything, otherwise if your baby is having any problem with any food, then you will not able to find it out. The best food which you can start with is sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, peaches and pears.

In order to make it liquid, you can also opt for using breast milk or formula milk, mix the same with your solid food and make it semi liquid. In order to feed them, you can also use soft tipped plastic spoon, as it will be soft and may not affect your baby’s gums or teeth.

First of all, try to give less amount of solid food, do not give in ample, otherwise, they may result into indigestion and throw out the food through mouth or result into diarrhoea. Sometime babies are not much vulnerable to this kind of food, so if your baby does not take food, let them to smell it, taste it a little and then try. Your baby will not take much, but do not worry, they will start gradually.

Any Signs to know that your Baby’s Tummy is Full now:

Certain signs like baby lean back, take away their head, start playing are signs of your baby tummy is now full do not give much.


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