Which Fruits and Vegetables are Essential to Build-up Strong Immunity?


Which Fruits and Vegetables are Essential to Build-up Strong Immunity?

A Balance Diet of Fruits and Vegetables are mandatory for a Healthy and a Happy Life. Fruits and green vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients which are determining factors of our overall health. This is the season of cold and flu and only good immunity system can protect us in this winter.

Immunity boosting properties in vegetables and fruits make them a regular item in our meal. Dieticians always insist to have seasonal fruits and vegetables for many reasons. They are low in calories but rich in fiber which also a natural solution to constipation.

What are the Vegetables that you should Consume?

Vegetables are very important and very essential for any one for a healthy life. Following are the few Fruits and Vegetables, which you should consume on daily basis:


This orange vegetable offers many benefits and widely used in many preparations. It improves vision, ward off disease like cancer, adds immunity and also detoxify our body. Antioxidant presents in carrot protects skin damage and slows down anti-ageing. Daily consumption of carrot lowers the risk of heart attack.


Green spinach leaves are not only appealing to our eyes but are healthier choice. The nutritional value of fresh baby spinach leaves is very high. You can also have the green thick spinach juice which is also good for digestion. It eases out constipation as it contains fiber. Presence of vitamin, calcium and iron make it inevitable in our meal. Studies proved that it helps to fight certain cancer and also boosts our eyesight.


This tasty vegetable can be prepared in many ways. Sulforaphane which is in cauliflower kills the cancerous cell. This cruciferous vegetable contains antioxidant. It also helps to keep a healthy digestive track. Studies proved that anti-inflammatory nutrients in cauliflower check the inflammation and its consumption reduces the chance of obesity, arthritis and heart disease.


We all know the goodness of tomato for skin and hair. As it is great source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant lowers the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart problems. Presence of Fiber clears the bowel system. Doctors also recommend tomato for pregnant women because of folic acid.


Cancer fighting element lycopene in capsicum prevents cancer. It also helps to build up immunity. Capsicum contains vitamin C which is beneficial for vision and also helps to lose weight. Capsicum is a great source of tannin that treats gastrointestinal disorders.

Similarly, fruits are equally good and offer a wide range of benefits.

What are the Fruits that you should Keep in your Diet?

Fruits plays an important role in generating Vitamins, Minerals for your body and are very essential for a healthy life. Following are the few Fruits and Vegetables, which you should in your Diet:


Citrus fruits are exceptionally good for skin, lungs and stomach. Orange juice prevents kidney stones. You can have it regularly as it helps to lower cholesterol level. Orange is rich source of vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for our health. It also prevents skin ageing.


Apple has always been treated as a healthy option. Soluble fiber in apple helps to control cholesterol level and evidently it is a good choice for heart. An apple a day lowers the chances of diabetes. Apple is a fruit that you can have in case of any irritation in bowel system. It also improves our immunity power.


This is available throughout the year. Banana adds an array of healthy benefits in your health. The most important function of banana is to clear constipation problem. Add this to your daily diet to get a normal heart function. Vitamin A which is present in banana prevents night blindness.


This healthy fruit naturally helps to prevent many diseases. Antioxidant properties of this fruit lower the chances of any damage of arteries by checking the blood pressure. Vitamin C, K confirms good bone health. It helps to regenerate tissue. Patients who have low haemoglobin are always advised by the doctor to have pomegranate.

Add each of the fruits and vegetables to get the best nourishment. In a nutshell, our body requires vitamins and minerals in abundance and these requirements can be fulfilled easily by these items.


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