Why an Eligible Men wants to Remain Single?


Why an Eligible Men wants to Remain Single?

Ever wonder why an eligible men wants to be a bachelor and suffers from marriage phobia? He goes with many girls but hesitates to commit. The obvious answer is complete freedom.

Being a single man you are free from any liabilities. No one can ask you why you come late at night. You are not answerable to anyone why you finish the whole bottle. Let’s peek into the men’s world to find what entice them to remain single. 

Eligible Men

Sometimes Men just Wait for the Right Partner:

If you do a survey to find out why lots of eligible men are still single, you will get ample of answers.

The very common answer is “ I am single because I have not found the right one’’. This could be a true reason for not getting married. This kind of man goes around with many girls and ultimately either he ditches them for other or he gets ditched badly by them. They have long list of expectations from his wife which includes irrelevant demands.

1) They Simply Enjoy their Freedom State:

Often young boys love to exhibit their happening party life, give random updates of their hang outs, but when they are asked to settle down, they give a confusing looks. According to them it is not the right time to get involved in serious relation. They even give excuse of their soaring career. The actual reason is that they just want to have a rocking life without any interference.

Eligible Men

2) Evergreen Bachelorhood:

In today’s life it’s hard to find a man who has never been in a relationship. Sex before marriage is well accepted freedom now. When they get a chance to fulfil their lust without any taboo, they choose to the easy option. Marriage sounds boring for them where bachelorhood is more colourful.

3) Benefits of Being Unmarried:

  • Focus on your Career: When you are unmarried you have no such pressure to earn any certain amount of money to buy an expensive necklace for your lady love. You can keep studying with a specific goal to achieve without any distraction and hindrance. You can chase your dream.
  • Your own Boss: Being single means you are free to enjoy your life with your own conditions. Late night party, bike race, trekking, road trip or anything daring you can try at your own risk. At home you are free to invite friends, partners to watch a match, play any games or just to booze. Who does not want to live freely?

Eligible Men

  • Live a Peaceful Life: Life is simpler when there’s no one to interfere and fight with you. All stags want to live a quiet tension free life. That is possible when you are not burdened with added responsibilities in terms of your bride.

Moreover, men remain single as they choose to be. Sometimes eligible men do not want a family life because of a deadly past. They brood over their past and can’t accept a fresh start. In such cases they need counselling to get rid of that fear of being betrayed. They find their happiness in their friends and family.


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