Why Competition is Good for Kids?


Why Competition is Good for Kids?

Do you know, Kids love Appreciation and Winning? In today’s world we see lot of competitions in each and every field, as well as in each and every skill too. Competitions are seen in every field like Teaching, Educations, Sports, Business, and nowadays competitions has also begins in the studies.

Children’s have to be ready for any competition in studies and other extra circular, as this will enhance their internal ability, improve skills etc. Competition means “come together”, and it is divided in two ways:

  1. Positive and Negative Ways (Good or Bad)
  2. Healthy and Unhealthy Ways

When it is done in proper way or right way, competition will help your children to learn new skills, which can help them throughout their life. It is not necessary for children to win or loss in competitions or to win trophies, but most important thing is to enhance the skills which help in their physical and mental growth.

Two Different Types of Competitions are as follows:

1) Positive and Negative Ways:

In positive ways, our children can learn the valuable lessons of life for instance, value of sportsmanship and discipline. Moreover, the children can learn leadership, enhance their positive attitude and sportily tackle the wins & losses in life. Furthermore they also learn teamwork and being able to learn how to work in team.

The best part of competition is that it teaches children that you always don’t win; and allows your children to focus on practicing more and more, because they know that they have competition coming up. Moreover, for your kid it is also necessary to get involved and positively encourage which will give your child confidence and do well in competition.

Negative ways involve pressurize from the parents, as for them sometime competition is a dirty word, looking at other kids, in order to cope with them, they also try to pressurize their kids to take part in different skills for competition and always tell them to do their best, but this in turn, it also can cause unnecessary stress and feel of disappointment on children, which may result in children start hating their favourite interest and physical activity to participant.

They also get scared that if I failed then what? And start thinking that competing are dangerous emotionally and not fun. Due to mistakes and failures result into loss of confidence. Because of which children stop communicating with everyone and remains silent, and also get feeling of hatred for other children. Hence, negative ways are not good for any kids.

2) Healthy and Unhealthy Ways:

In healthy ways competition, the kids are asked to participate again and again. Due to which it helps them to understand what is winning and losing means. Moreover, they also enjoy in improving their self-esteem, learn new skills and try to make themselves better and better from their competitions, also you will see positive changes in them and constructive towards competition.

Many cooperative games teach children to solve problem and help them how to work as a team and learn sharing and caring techniques. Healthy competition gives kids confidence and the opportunity to meet many new friends, which help them to learn new innovative things as much as they have courage to try new things, which always teach kids to be stay in healthy and safe competitions.

On contrary, Unhealthy competition may result in avoiding participating in any activity by children, by giving fake reason of illness. Show signs of Depressions and fear. Most competitive children face anxiety after a big competition, which affects in other areas of their life. Thus we have to try avoiding unhealthy ways to entre in our kid’s life.

In summary, Competition plays vital role in day to day life and important in our kid’s life too. So parents must motivate kids to cut down their hurdles, and move ahead to see big dreams. As competition, Parents also plays important and magic role in kid’s life.

Parents have to motivate their kids to participate in competition to enhance skills, knowledge, team work etc. Always, guide your kids to understand that winning is not important in the competition, but reaching your goal is more important. Support your kids through their challenges and help them improve themselves.


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