Yoga Poses that Strengthens your Relationship


Yoga Poses that Strengthens your Relationship:

Do you want to Strengthen your Relationship with Yoga? Yoga has it traces everywhere starting from personal well being to determining the how strong is your relationship. It may sound a little absurd but it does let you know the strength of your relationships. It is found that the famous tree pose which requires you to stand on one leg helps in finding out how strong your relation-ships are. This pose is completely based on balancing of your body which is somehow linked with maintaining of relations.

The dominant explanation can be made by some useful research made by University of Pittsburgh and University of Waterloo who found that people who are not comfortable standing on one leg also were in relation-ships that are less likely to last.

Emotional Feelings:

The research that was conducted was based on judging the level of emotional feelings that developed with physical discomfort. They tried to decode if a person who is not comfortable standing on one leg would also bring out the same level of relation-ship instability.

Long Time Relationship:

The researchers picked up people who were in relationship for a long time and asked them to stand on one leg in front of work station, the result that came out was interesting. People who could not hold up to the balance properly also were the same people who did not have a steady relation-ship.

Standing on one leg not only means stable relation-ships but have higher value and benefits to life. It decreases your chances of stroke and dementia which increases longer lives and a happy steady relationship. Relation-ship is not only about balance but of togetherness, living life with each other.

Health and Life:

Since the tree pose helps in decreasing risk to brain disease and stroke, it helps in longer time and healthy time with each other which strengthen your relationship.

Apart from the tree pose, Savasana also deeply helps in maintaining the strength of the relation-ship as it requires lot of mind and body focus, which also helps in making us refreshed and internally peaceful.

Mental Peace:

As we progress through the practise we become sounder and focused in our lives, more peaceful and starts understanding our relationships in a better way. It is however a mental assurance which is not based on any research but the mental calmness triggers positive vibes to improve and make our relationship strong.

This is the power of yoga which helps in determining how strong is your relation-ship and what else can you do in order to strengthen your relation.


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