Suggestions, Feedback & Queries: Your experience with the “Our Health Page” and your ideas on how things could be improved are important. Health Tips – Our Health Page, after all, has to be about the health and experience of the patient. By sharing your ideas, issues and feedback on this website created especially for consumers, you can help consumers, patients, people and consumer organizations work for change that improves things for patients, their careers and their families.

Hence dear friends please share your valuable Suggestions/Queries/Issues/Problems and the experience consumers please share your valuable Answers/Solutions for the people who are facing and help them is knowing the valuable health tips and information in making them free from diseases and we will the one among to make this world free from diseases and will be very much helpful in creating a “Healthy World” with better Health Tips.

Health Tips

Your Comments/Suggestions will help us to build a picture of what is important to patients, health, careers and families.

This will be shared with other consumers, patients and consumer organizations to help make things better in healthcare.

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  • Might tell consumer patients about an idea or a service that is working very well in your local community that could make a difference for another community.
  • Will contribute to an important knowledge base of consumer issues and experiences that can be used to improve healthcare for all people in and around the world.

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