Finish your Eye Makeup in 6 Easy Steps


Finish your Eye Makeup in 6 Easy Steps:

Eye makeup is one of the crucial steps to finish the total makeup of your face. Until your eyes look beautiful you face cannot be perfect. So making your eyes look attractive and bright must be your first priority while doing your makeup.

Doing the makeup of your eyes is not difficult if you know the right steps to follow through. To follow these simple steps you can achieve a perfect pair of eyes for any special occasion. The steps to achieve perfect make-up are:

Clean your eyes properly:

For the start, clean your face and eyes properly. Apply a gentle cleanser on your face and eyes and clean with clear water. Remove all the previous makeup and gently moisturize the skin around your eyes. You must use a cotton ball to apply cleanser on the super sensitive skin around your eyes.


After cleaning your eyes properly, apply primer to your upper and lower eyelids. Primer is generally applied to smooth your skin. Cover the total area around the eyes with primer, including the area around your brow bone. Primer acts as an excellent base for the makeup, it helps to settle the makeup on your skin properly.


To conceal the lines, wrinkles or dark circles around your eyes, you need the help of a Concealer. The most crucial or important part of your eye makeup is to conceal the impurities around your eyes. If you have dark circles, apply the Concealer on the base of your eyes. Apply the Concealer on the nose and cheekbones too, to even out the skin tone. Use your finger or Concealer brush to blend the Concealer well.


After applying the Concealer, you can choose to put on either eyeliner or eye shadow. Putting on eyeliner first will give you the advantage of playing with different shades of eye shadows, without worrying that it will smudge your eyeliner. You can try to apply your eye shadow in the following way,

Put on a light colored eye shadow on the upper eyelids. Extend the whole eyeshadow till your brow bone. 

Next, apply a slightly darker shadow in the base of your eyes. Blend these colors well.

Lastly put on a darker shade on the upper eyelids. This color can be a match with your dress, or it can be according to your personal preference.


To highlight your lids, you must put on eyeliner after the eye shadow. First decide how much effect you want for your eyes. If you want a full-effect, apply eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid. Then extend the line of your lower eyelid beyond your eyelid, joining the line of the upper lid. If you want a minimal effect, just cover the edges of your eyelid with your eyeliner.


After you are done with the eyeliner and eye-shadow, concentrate on your lashes. Curl your lashes with a curler and apply mascara. Apply mascara carefully, so that it doesn’t get smudged and ruin your total effort. You can also use false eyelashes for a maximum effect.

Now, your eyes are capable of killing the onlookers with a single glimpse.


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