How To Lose Body Weight?


How to Lose Body Weight?

This question is not at all unique and unheard rather everywhere and everyone discusses about it. I bet, with whomever you talk – he/she will give you some tips regarding how to lose your body weight. The common suggestions are – eat less, don’t eat fatty and spicy food, do physical exercise, do yoga, etc. Well, I am not saying these suggestions are worthless, but of course, these suggestions are not at all motivating.

How to Lose Body Weight

Therefore, here, along with the regular suggestions, we will discuss something different that will motivate you and definitely you will not only lose weight but also maintain your healthy life forever. Following are some of the tips that sound not only different, but also very helpful:

Inner Motivation:

Starting any new work is not at all difficult task, but continuing that regularly is difficult. For this, the internal motivation is must. If you get motivated from some other person, then you won’t continue for long time, so motivate yourself internally.

How to Lose Body Weight

How to motivate internally?

This is another difficult question. But if you make a routine, it will become very easy. Try this:

First Week

  • Don’t change your life style
  • Don’t do any exercise
  • Don’t change your eating habit
  • Take a notebook
  • Note your everyday schedule
  • Note your everyday food (time, varieties, and quantity) habit
  • Note your target that you want to achieve

How to Lose Body Weight

By doing this, you can have all the records of your work and food. Once, you have it, you can easily locate how much time you can save and utilize in other works (like physical exercise and yoga) as well as what are the extra food you are eating that you should not. Likewise, you can control your food habit. Believe me, initially it may sound tedious job to follow, but once you start doing, you won’t stop ever.

Second Week

  • As per your record, change your lifestyle
  • Set routine for every work
  • Set types of courses (food), quantity of food, and time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner time
  • Fix the quantity and variety of your food
  • Fix time for the physical exercise/yoga

How to Lose Body WeightMoreover, third week onwards, stick with these routines. Following routine does not mean, you don’t need to eat anything of your choice and you cannot have fun in your life. Routine simply means, fix date and time for your every day’s activities. The point suggests only to do the things on time. Because your routine will monitor your act and keep on suggesting what to do and when to do.

Making Commitment:

The most important point is the commitment. Remember, don’t make any big commitment that you can’t achieve, rather set a small goal, once done it then set next one. More importantly, once you completed one goal, reward yourself by any means such as going outside for dinner, going for movie, whatever you like.

On the other hand, if you could not achieve your target, punish yourself. These small acts will keep you always committed towards your goal. Likewise, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Diet Plan:

So, to have a healthy body weight or an ideal body weight, you need to change your lifestyle and follow a diet plan. Normally, it involves healthy heating, physically active, and overall behavioural change.

How to Lose Body Weight

A healthy eating plan includes:

  • Routine food habit
  • Types of food containing low fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar
  • Eating more fruits, vegetables, granular foods, beans, nuts, and low fat milk products
  • Eating lean meat, chickens, fish, and eggs

However, the following diet chart (prepared by HHS/USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans) shows the calories requirements for male and female age wise:

How To Lose Body Weight


Don’t get afraid, exercise does not mean that you should necessarily go gym and need to do hard exercise. Just follow the simple and easy exercise for that you don’t need to go gym:

  • Walking and Jogging (at least three Kilometres/day)

How to Lose Body Weight

  •  Cycling

How to Lose Body Weight

  •  Running (not very fast rather at moderate speed)

How to Lose Body Weight

  • Swimming

How to Lose Body Weight

  • Skipping

How to Lose Body Weight

  • Some steps of Yoga (as shown in the following pictures)

How To Lose Body Weight

How To Lose Body Weight

How To Lose Body Weight

You don’t need to do all these exercises together every day rather you can stick with couple of them or else as per your convenience you can fix date. Well of course, depending upon your ability, interest, and availability of facilities.

However, of course you need to choose only one out of top five, but you need to stick with the sixth one. So, choose one from top five and second one the sixth one and do in combination of these two.

How To Lose Body Weight


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