Trending Mehendi Designs for Brides


Trending Mehendi Designs for Brides:

Mehendi designs or henna tattoos on the hands and feet are one of the essential things for all the brides of India. Primarily the Mehendi leaves are supposed to bring good luck to the brides of India. Later the beautiful designs of Henna Tattoo have become a style statement for all the brides.

Today a bride cannot be imagined without beautifully designed bridal Mehendi on her hands and sometimes on the feet. The application of Mehendi on the hands of bride is considered to be a good omen. It represents the holy bond of matrimony and also unites the two families. Mehendi in a wedding also represents fertility and indicates the upcoming joy of the newly weds.

Mehendi Designs

No matter how much significance is discussed regarding Bridal Mehendi, the main fact remains the unique style it portrays. The bridal Mehendi designs are a little bit heavier than the normal Mehendi designs. The brides sometimes match the designs of their Mehendi with the designs of their bridal wear or choose some unique designs for the most special occasions of their life. Let’s find out some Unique Designs of Mehendi for the Brides:

Floral Pattern:

The bridal designs are normal much gaudy and ostentatious than the normal Mehendi designs. The floral pattern is much more common in the case of the traditional designs of Mehendi. When the floral motifs are normally used in bridal Mehendi, it is much more prominent and gorgeous.

Mehendi Designs

The floral motifs showcase the beautifully designed intertwined petals and vines. The fingers can be designed by small delicate leaves. Overall the total floral presentation can look sophisticated yet it will match with any wedding attire you have chosen for your D-day.

The King and Queen Artwork:

While you are going to be someone’s queen, it is no harm putting on a king and queen designed Mehendi on your wedding. This pattern is very famous among the bridal Mehendi designs. Normally the king and queen motif of Mehendi follows the artwork of the Mughal era, accompanying with a king and queen of that time. The king and queen can also represent some other era of Indian history.

Mehendi Designs

Peacock Mehendi Designs:

Like the floral motif, the peacock Mehendi designs is also very popular among the Bridal designs. Normally the peacock motifs showcase the glory of a peacock with his delicate feathers. The long neck of the peacock is another beautiful thing that can be portrayed in this design.

Mehendi Designs

The Coloured Style:

The brides of modern era love the innovation and new creation of these days. For this reason, they are opting for the Mehendi combining with the beautiful colours. Sometimes they match it with the colours of their bridal attire, sometimes they choose random colours. The designs can be traditional motifs or matching designs with the bridal wear. Some of the Mehendi can have glitter adjoined.

Mehendi Designs

The Asymmetric Design:

The brides who don’t want to follow any rules, they can have the asymmetric pattern for their bridal Mehendi. The total designs can be mix and match of floral, geometric and other motifs together.

Mehendi Designs

No matter what ever the motifs are, all Mehendi designs are perfect for your gorgeous bridal wear. Just choose which one you want for your wedding and contact the person who can draw the Mehendi best.


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